Occasum – “Evocation of Death” MC 2020

Catalogue#: GSR001
Artist: Occasum
Title: Evocation of Death
Year: 2020
Quantity: Gold-foil printed double sided 4-panel booklet with lyrics & pro-printed tapes, Limited to 100 copies. No re-press.
Occasum was conceived in late 2018 when riffs that would not fit into the concepts of neither Naglfar nor Malakhim started to appear in Andreas Nilsson’s head. The result became Occasum. Songs draped in the stench of burning human flesh, about bottomless black pits and things that crawl in the dark. The Debut EP consists of three songs with an approx. playtime of 15 minutes.

Digital release available here: https://occasum.bandcamp.com

7/10Metal Temple
8.5/10Via Omega
“Occasum have given birth to a bastard from the best of two worlds: death metal with all its apposit and rousing guitar work, and black metal with gloomy lyrics plus the musical interpretion of Satanic themes and abyssal landscapes.”


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