Many Suffer – “The Strangest of Beasts” MC 2020

Catalogue#: GSR002
Artist: Many Suffer
Title: The Strangest of Beasts
Year: 2020
Quantity: Pro-printed double sided 5-panel booklet with lyrics & pro-printed tapes, Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. No re-press.
Many suffer is the new project from Calvin Robertshaw (ex-My Dying Bride). “The Strangest of Beasts” displays nearly an hour of doom with a heart of black.

For CD & Download-version go to: manysuffer.bandcamp.com

9.5/10Metal Inferno
“Albums like “The Strangest of Beasts” are of a masterclass in both integrity and viability. It’s innovative and original yet soulful and genuinely honest; exactly what the scene needs.”


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